Bunnlinjan* (The Bottom Lines)

Revidert regnskap* (Revised accounts)

Bunnlinjan. Revidert regnskap* (Bottom lines. Revised accounts) (2020) was a theatre production by Trøndelag Teater. The script was written by Marianne Meløy and Trygve Brøske. The production was performed at the theatre's main stage. The opening of Bunnlinjan was meant to take place October 29 2020, but the theatre decided to open earlier to be able to offer the audience a theatre production when the theatre was allowed to reopen after having been shut due to the Corona virus. At the time of the premiere, Norwegian authorities had decided to allow events with a maximum of 50 participants.

Ivar Tindberg directed the production.

Marianne Meløy and Trygve Brøske performed the production.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 100030)
Object type Production
Premiere June 15, 2020
Produced by Trøndelag Theatre
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Corona-production
Running period June 15, 2020  —  December 18, 2020
Website facebook

At the webpage of Trøndelag Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Bunnlinjan* (The Bottom Lines):

"At least three bottom lines exist. An economic, an ecological and a human. But can the accounts balance? 

Bunnlinjan is like bookkeeping of life, sort of, mixed with cloudberry legalisation, planting of firs and bureaucratic responsiblity; in this, Meløy dreams up ideas surrounding terms the economists have, until now, had dibs on. On her wandering, we meet a rich gallery of characters, who have different ideas of where the bottom line is, and how many bottom lines actually exist. The productions is a generational conversation about resources, environment and what really counts in the great reckoning. And why we do not learn from our mistakes.

In 2016, Trøndelag Theatre produced Bunnlinja* (The Bottom Line), a story of a hike around an island, with some side tracks to trains, boats and hotel toilets. Now, Meløy walks the route again, offering an updated story with several beach lines and bottom lines. She is joined by her friend and musical companion Trygve Brøske."


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*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Contributors (19)
Name Role
Marianne Meløy – Script
Trygve Brøske – Concept/Idea
Marianne Meløy – Concept/Idea
Ivar Tindberg – Direction
Trygve Brøske – Music
Elisabeth Egseth Hansen – Dramaturge
Ivar Tindberg – Stage design (Scenografisk idé)
Stein Jørgen Øien – Video/Film ("Savnets fylde")
Siril Gaare – Sound design
Anders Schille – Sound design
Tommy Geving – Lighting design
Marianne Meløy – Actor
Trygve Brøske – Musician
Ann Kristin Høvik – Mask design
Ane Wennevold – Stage manager
Ole Ekker – Photo
Erik Chan – Stage Manager
Silje Aurora Løkken – Prompter
Tommy Geving – Videodesign
Performance dates
June 15, 2020Hovedscenen, Trøndelag Teater, Trøndelag Theatre Opening night