Lithuanian Dance Information Centre

Lithuanian Dance Information Centre/LDIC (in Lithuanian: Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras/LŠIC) is a nongovernmental organization established in 1995 by private initiative. It is a unique institution of its kind in Lithuania entirely dedicated to dance. The main task of LDIC is to disseminate information about dance in all possible ways in Lithuania and abroad.


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Object type Organization
Also known as LDIC, Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras (LŠIC)
Organization type Information centre
Main focus Dance
Established January 1, 1995
Website Šokio naujienos

Contact information

Address Šiltadaržio g. 6, 01124 Vilnius, Lithuania
Telefon +370 5 2040836

Other information

Legal entity Other

During its existence LDIC has organized more than thirty modern dance and ballet workshops and other training programs, guest performances from France, USA, U.K., Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Since 1997 LDIC organizes the annual International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘New Baltic Dance'. Since 2000 LDIC participates in organization of Summer Dance School ‘Vilnius Dance Printing House' for professionals and beginners (together with the Arts Printing House). In addition LDIC focuses on advocacy and lobbying, working with and on behalf of the dance world to rise up the profile of dance and ultimately to increase investment in all sectors of the dance field.

Source: Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras (LŠIC),, 04.08.2010,

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