Leikfélagi Akureyrar (Akureyri Theatre Company)

Leikfélagi Akureyrar (Akureyri Theatre Company), established in 1908 and a professional theatre since 1973, is a theatre in the country outside of the Reykjavík area. In 2014 Leikfélagi Akureyrar became the theatre department of Menningarfélag Akureyrar (Akureyri Culture Society).

In the spring of 2014 the representatives of Leikfélag Akureyrar (Akureyri Theatre Company), Sinfóníuhljómsveit Norðurlands (North Iceland Symphonic Orchestra) and the Hof Culture Society signed an agreement stating their participation in the establishment of a new institution, Menningarfélag Akureyrar (MAK). The aim is to create a strong scene for the three largest cultural institutions in North Iceland to cooperate, to further advance Akureyri´s cultural society and further strengthening the operations carried out by these parties.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company, Programming, Producing
Main focus Theatre
Established 1908
Email mak@mak.is
Website Menningarfélag Akureyrar

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Address Strandgötu 12, 600 Akureyri, Iceland
Email mak@mak.is

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Menningarfélag Akureyrar, mak.is, 04.08.2015, http://www.mak.is/en/mak