Bergen Prosjektteater

Also known asBPT
Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusTheatre
Established1 Jan. 2005 (closed 2011)
WebsiteBergen Prosjektteater

About Bergen Prosjektteater

Bergen Prosjektteater (BPT) is a young, but well-established actor within the field of performing arts in Bergen. Since the foundation in 2005 BPT has worked ambitiously towards providing powerful performing arts. The company’s production of Plasticine in 2009 was the third national premiere in a row BPT presented of internationally acknowledged playwrights. Through an interdisciplinary expression the company sees to put together new exciting constellation of performers, particularly from Bergen, and hence examine a direct, emotional and young stage expression of our time.

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Own productions


More about Bergen Prosjektteater

Bergen Prosjektteater has since the beginning produced several productions in Bergen in cooperation with The National Venue of Theatre and BIT. Through the national premieres of Blasted, Ladybird and Plasticine BPT has emphasised contemporary drama and an aesthetic expression with lines to the British In-Yer-Face wave of the 1990es. Further BPT has sought an interdisciplinary target audience by actively recruiting from different art fields to performing arts.

Bergen Prosjektteater was established by and is managed by Thorleif Linhave Bamle.

Further BPT wishes to recruit young voices from the different art circles in Bergen to collaboration crossing genre divides and several independent artworks meet young, new drama. For BPT making Bergen an attractive place for freelance artists is a clear wish.

Productions: Blasted by Sarah Kane in 2005, Ladybird by Vassily Sigarev in 2007 and Plasticine by the same playwright in 2009. Døden* (Death) based in the book Intimate Death by Marie de Hennezel 2010.

Source: The webpage of Bergen Prosjektteater 2010.  29.09.2010: