Bergen Byspill Theatre Group

Also known asBergen City Theatre Group
Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusTheatre
WebsiteStiftelsen Bergen Byspill — Apropos teater - Bergen Byspill - Teaterskole - Teaterhus

About Bergen Byspill Theatre Group

Bergen Byspill Theatre Group is a theatre company established in 1995. It consists of a group of professional performing artists with long experience from producing performing arts in untraditional ways. The company takes use of elements from physical theatre, mime, acrobatics, jester theatre and musical compositions.

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More about Bergen Byspill Theatre Group

The most important aim of Bergen Byspill Theatre Group is to perform new and untraditional theatre. The fundamental ingredient in the artistic work is a fusion between the three time dimensions past, present and future. Situated in Bergen, the company finds it natural to use the jester theatre and mystery plays of The Middle Ages as basis for several of its productions.

Bergen Byspill Theatre Group has accumulated competence on The Middle Ages and knows customs, life conditions, clothes styles, musical traditions, theatre and jester expressions. Bergen Byspill also has a large selection of medieval costumes to rent.

Bergen Byspill Theatre Group has established the sub-company Apropos Theater, which main objective is examining new theatre expressions and collaboration forms, within which research-based theatre in which the company collaborates with Rokkan Centre of The University of Bergen is included.


Source: Birthe-Lisbeth Ludvigsen: The University of Bergen paper Frie teatergrupper og prosjektteater i Bergen 1970-2006 - en kontekstualisert oversikt og beskrivelse (literally: Independent Theatre Companies and Project Theatres in Bergen 1970-2006 – a contextualized overview and description), UiB 2007