Dizzie Tunes

Main focusEntertainment
Established1959 (closed 2001)

About Dizzie Tunes

Dizzie Tunes was a Norwegian show band established in 1959 by Tor Erik Gunstrøm, Svein Helge Høgberg, Einar Idland, Øyvind Klingberg and the leader Yngvar Numme.

The band was established in Skien as an ordinary dance orchestra, Rex Band. Throughout the period it consisted of text writer and instructor Yngvar Numme, musical arranger and band leader Øyvind Klingberg, Tor Erik Gunstrøm, Einar Idland and Svein Helge Høgberg.

The group made its recording debut in 1963 with the single Mette, Mette/Tog går til og fra (Viking Music VM 23), followed closely by Nå går det bra/Vi drar til syden (Triola).

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More about Dizzie Tunes

Dizzie Tunes had its recording breakthrough with the single Store Føtter (Troll TR 115 (1964) and its stage breakthrough with the Chat Noir revue Å, så heldig vi er* (Oh, how luck(il)y we are (1967). The group established with recordings and TV performances, and to begin with it was regarded as a pop group, but from the debut at Chat Noir in 1967 the group concentrated on musical revues and shows, first in collaboration with Ivar Medaas and Wenche Myhre, from the beginning of the 1970es with Kirsti Sparboe, Grethe Kausland and Benny Borg, and later with Hege Schøyen. From the 1970es Grethe Kausland was a permanent member of the group.

The revues, usually written by Alfred Næss, directed by Yngvar Numme, and produced by Jørg-Fredrik Ellertsen, tended to be performed first at Chat Noir and later in Stockholm. The group represented a continuation of the ensemble form in Norwegian revue started with The Monn Keys.

Dizzie Tunes has been behind some of the greatest revue successes in Norwegian performing arts during the 1970es, 1980es and 1990es, artistically and measured through audience interest. They have also been central characters in several Montreux awarded TV shows plus the film Tut og kjør. The group has a star in the amusement park Liseberg and won the honorary award during the Norwegian comedy awards Komiprisen 2006, plus the cultural award of the county of Telemark in 2000.

The group opened Dizzie Showteater in 1990.

After several farewell performances from the end of the 1990es the group finally ceased to exist in 2001.


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*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.