The Nordic House in Reykjavik

The Nordic House in Reykjavik (NOREY) is a culture centre managed by The Nordic Council of Ministers.

The house was opened in 1968, and its purpose is to promote Nordic collaboration and to strengthen the Nordic relationship, plus function as a connection between Iceland and the rest of the Nordic countries. The institution aims to be a Nordic culture and knowledge centre, and a creative meeting place.

Every year The Nordic House in Reykjavik organises a diversity of art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, poetry readings, workshops and other cultural events.

In Icelandic The Nordic House is called Norræna húsið.


Norræna húsið,, 06.03.2012,


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Object type Organization
Also known as NOREY, Nordens Hus, Norræna húsið
Organization type Information centre, Network organisation, National institution, Programming, Dissemination centre
Main focus Entertainment, Music, Theatre, Dance, Litterature, Visual arts, Children and youths, Information
Established January 1, 1968
Website Norræna húsið

Contact information

Address Sturlugötu 5, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

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Legal entity Other
Title Premiere
Strangers & Others – Navember 10, 2017 – H2DANCE