First Ramallah Dance Group

First Ramallah Group AKA FRG AKA Sareyyet Ramallah was established in 1930 as one of the first scout organisations in Palestine, and which was expressly concerned in developing scout activities for Palestinian youth. Its objective was to nurture and rear a virtuous new generation of young people who have a strong sense of national identity.

First Ramallah Group organises Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival.

First Ramalla Dance Group is part of First Ramallah Group.

Source: Sareyyet,, 09.01.2011,


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Object type Organization
Also known as Sareyyet Ramallah/FRG
Organization type District institution, Resource centre
Main focus Education, Children and youths, Information
Established January 1, 1930
Website Sareyyet

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Address Al-Tireh Street, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian Territory, Occupied

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Legal entity Other
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