Costume drawing by Lubos Hruza, for Peer Gynt, The National Theatre, 1975


(Objekt ID 38679)
Object type Multimedia
Published March 20, 2014
Digitalized 2009
Exposure date 1974
Accession date January 20, 2017
Category Still picture / Drawing

Copyright: Margareta Hruza

Colours Colour
Background material Paper with coal drawing
Themes Costume, Drawing, Theatre, Actor
Location Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway
Image taken 1974
File size 55 KB
Height 1000 px
Width 733 px

Costume drawing by Lubos Hruza for the actor Einar Wøhni in a variety of roles in the production of Peer Gynt, The National Theatre 1975.


Margareta Hruza's private archine, donated by Margareta Hruza 20-03-2014

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