Web poster for Propellen Teater's performing arts text gathering called Fra tekst til handling (literally: From text to action)


(Objekt ID 26891)
Object type Multimedia
Published 2011
Exposure date 2011
Accession date February 17, 2012
Category Still picture / Poster

Copyright: Propellen Teater

Colours Colour
Size 600 x 416 pixles
Background material JPEG
Themes Theatre, Poster
Language Norwegian
Image taken 2011
File size 44 KB
Height 416 px
Width 600 px

Poster/webheader for Propellen Teater's gathering "Fra tekst til handling" (literally: From text to action), realised in Trondheim from February 23 to March 1 2011.


E-mail from Tale Næss, 19.01.2012

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