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Norwegian Critics' Award

Each of the sections in Norwegian Critics' Association gives out its Norwegian Critics' Awards. The section for theatre, music and dance gives out Norwegian Critics' Awards within theatre, dance and music. The art and literature critics of Norwegian Critics' Association also give out awards within their fields.

Olav Dalgard's critic award goes every other year to a literature critic, and every fourth year to a theatre or film critic.

In the Sceneweb database Norwegian Critics' Awards for theatre and dance are registered. The theatre critics' award is the oldest of the prizes, and was given out for the first time in 1939. The dance critics' award has been given out from 1977.

The statutes for the Norwegian Critics' Awards for theatre, music and dance are as follows:

Established May 26 1939 with changes at the following general assemblies: June 1 1966, June 12 1978, June 11 1979, June 13 1984 and August 25 2006.

The Norwegian Critics' Awards for theatre, music and dance reward particularly accomplished efforts within Norwegian music and performing arts.

The Norwegian Critics' Awards is every year to be used to honour an excellent, live artistic achievement within theatre, dance and music respectively, by Norwegian artists or foreign artists who have led/participated in a Norwegian production or co-production with Norwegian artistic participation, during the past season. The intention is to promote contributions considered particularly stimulating for the fields of Norwegian music, theatre and dance as a whole. Videograms, phonograms and visiting performances by foreign ensembles are not to be considered. The award is to be a work of art made by a Norwegian artist or an artist living in Norway.

The award winners are selected by the sections in meetings connected to the section's general assemblies as related to procedure, most recently voted upon during the general assembly in 2007.

If any of the section's meetings doesn't find that any of the artistic contributions of the season deserves the excellence, it is possible not to give out Norwegian Critics' Awards.


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