Like Thunder

Like Thunder (2000) is a full-length play by Niels Fredrik Dahl developed in The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater). In 2002 Dahl was awarded the Norwegian Ibsen Prize for Like Thunder.

An autumn day several years ago the husband of the main character of the play, Eva, disappeared. She observes the day by gathering her sons Gerhard and Tom. Gerhard clings to the hope his father is still alive, and he is about to lose his patient Cille, while Eva dreams of a grave to visit. The youngest son Tom, recently released from prison, has brought his fiancé Roz, who "helps people" and may be able to tell them where the father is.


(Objekt ID 8533)
Object type Artwork
Original title Som Torden
Work type Script
Original language Norwegian
Creators (1)
Niels Fredrik Dahl – Author
Productions (2)
Title Premiere
Like Thunder () 2001
Like Thunder () 2000