At The White Horse Inn AKA The White Horse Inn

At The White Horse Inn, also known as The White Horse Inn, is a play by Oscar Blumenthal and Gustav Kadelburg. The original title in German is Im weißen Rößl. It has been translated into the Norwegian as Hotel Hvite Hest, and is also known as Sommer i Tyrol (literally: Summer in Tirol).

This play is the material upon which the operetta The White Horse Inn by Ralph Benatzky (music and book), Hans Müller-Einigen (book), Erik Charell (book) and Robert Gilbert (lyrics) is based.


(Objekt ID 57386)
Object type Artwork
Original title Im weißen Rößl
Work type Script
Creators (5)
Gustav Kadelburg – Author
Oscar Blumenthal – Author
Ralph Benatzky – Composer
Robert Gilbert – Author
Hans Müller-Einigen – Author