And We'll Never Be Parted

Original titleOg aldri skal vi skiljast
Work typeScript
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk



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    © Jon Fosse

    About And We'll Never Be Parted

    And We'll Never Be Parted (1993) is a play by Jon Fosse. The original title in Norwegian is Og aldri skal vi skiljast.

    And We'll Never Be Parted had its world premiere at The National Stage in 1994.

    And We'll Never Be Parted by The National Stage was the first production ever of any of Jon Fosse's plays. It was written in 1993, on commission from The National Stage, and it was the second play Fosse completed in writing: Someone is Going to Come had been written in full the year before.


    The National Stage's repertoire archive, via The University of Bergen Theatre Archive.

    The book Teaterstykke 1 (literally: Theatrical Plays 1), Det Norske Samlaget (1999)