hamlet er død. inga tyngdekraft

hamlet is dead. no gravity is a play by Ewald Palmetshofer. The original title in German is hamlet ist tot. keine schwerkraft.

hamlet is dead. no gravity is about how bothering it can be to be human. And everything begins in the funeral of Hannes, who was terribly unlucky, and from the funeral one passes directly into the birthday of the mother of Caro. Or, rather, everything begins with the house. Everything else is nonsense.

So if you're on the axis of evil you can be glad to have an axis at all
you can be glad just to be on a fucking axis instead of floating about in limbo.

Dani and Mani meet Oli and Bine, who have married since the last time around, and something will happen.

hamlet is dead. no gravity is translated into the Norwegian as hamlet er død. inga tyngdekraft by Astrid Sverresdotter Dypvik. The English translation is done by Neil Blackadder.


E-mail from Oslo International Theatre, 07.06.2012


(Objekt ID 29204)
Object type Artwork
Original title hamlet ist tot. keine schwerkraft
Work type Script
Published 2007
Language Norwegian
Original language German
Ewald Palmetshofer – Author