Jane Hveding

Jane Hveding (born 1952) is a Norwegian choreographer, dancer, pedagogue and visual artist. She has choreographed for her own and other companies and theatres, plus Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Concerts Norway and The Norwegian National Ballet.

She has taught atOslo National Academy of the Arts, the ballet school of The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, and atNorwegian School of Sports Sciences, among other places.


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Object type Person
Born December 1, 1952
Functions Choreographer, Dancer, Pedagog, Visual artist
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Jane Hveding was given Norwegian Critics' Award for dance 1991/1992 for Poems – en tankes flukt, performed at The Norwegian Theatre.

From 1994 she has received the annual artist grant from the Norwegian state called Guaranteed Income, and 2001 she was given the cultural grant of Oslo City, called Oslo Bys kulturstipend.


CV Jane Hveding, http://www.janehveding.no/cv.htm

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Minor degree (a year and a half) in pedagogics, The University of Oslo 1972-1974

The London College of Dance and Drama, 1974-1977

Nydalen Art School, 2006, 2008 og 2009

A variety of classes in New York, Vienna, Jerusalem, Stockholm, London, Rome.

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