Jeanette Solbakken


(Objekt ID 9195)
Object type Person
Born August 29, 1985
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Senja, Norway
Website Rimfrost Teaterensemble


Vocal Quality: Alto/Mezzo Soprano
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Zither, Basic Piano
Dance:     Period, Basic Jazz, Social dance, Tap
Languages: Norwegian (native), Standard English, Swedish, Basic Danish & German
Accents:     English RP, Yorkshire and Cockney, Standard American, South American and Alabama, Standard Norwegian, Senja, Tromsoe, Trondheim


2006-2009 Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. BA (Hons) Performing Arts Acting
2005-2006 Revyskolen Solbakken. Comedy Theatre Diploma
2001-2004 Heggen College. Music Graduate

Affiliations (1)
Involved in productions (6)
Title Premiere Role
Tsirk (Rimfrost Productions) Navember 5, 2010 Actor, Script, Direction
Chubby-Knut learns to swim (Rimfrost Productions) July 28, 2010 Actor
Freedom is riding a bike (Rimfrost Productions) July 3, 2010 Actor
Dream Hours 2270 (Rimfrost Productions) June 20, 2009 Actor
The Winter Mystery (Rimfrost Productions) 2009 Technician
Tom Waits - theatrical potpourri (Rimfrost Productions) Actor