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Trond Espen Seim

Trond Espen Seim (born October 4 1971, Oslo) is a Norwegian actor.

He was educated at The National Academy of Theatre and graduated in 1996.


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Object type Person
Born October 4, 1971
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Trond Espen Seim has worked for Rogaland Theatre (1996-1998), The National Stage (1998-2000) and The National Theatre (2001-2006) among others.

He has interpreted the title role of the Varg Veum movies and in 2008 he won The Amanda Award in the best actor category for Fallen Angels.

Trond Espen Seimwon The Hedda Award 2000 in particularly excellent performance category for the roles of Alex in A Clockwork Orange, The National Stage (1999), Julian in Emperor and Galilean, The National Stage (2000) and the title role of Erasmus Montanus, The National Stage (2000).

A complete list of his roles at The National Theatre (Norwegian only) can be found at the webpage of the theatre.


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The National Academy of Theatre (graduation 1996).