Kim Atle Hansen

Born5 Jul. 1981
FunctionsDirector, Actor, Producer, Dramatist/Playwright
WebsiteKim, NRK Urørt - Kim Salabim, YouTube - KimSalabimN´s Channel,

About Kim Atle Hansen

Kim Atle Hansen (born 1981) is a Norwegian playwright and actor, educated at the so-called pilot project, the playwright education under direction of The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater), The National Academy of Theatre, The National Theatre and The Norwegian Theatre from 2001-2003 and at Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad (Østfold College University). Hansen is connected to the artist collective AKT 5 and is a member of the company Fantastic Four, a subgroup to AKT 5 consisting of Hansen, Anders Høgli, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen and Niklas Westerberg.

Kim Atle Hansen also works as a director and producer.

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