Lasse Valdal


(Objekt ID 794)
Object type Person
Functions Actor
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
Cortexnotatet (Claire de Wangen) October 15, 2017 Actor
Ibsen Montage () June 12, 2014 Actor (Brack, Manders, Hjalmar Ekdal, Torvald Helmer)
Legemsarkivene* (The corporal archives) (Claire de Wangen) October 15, 2011 Actor
Forheksede frostnetter (Brageteatret) January 14, 2011 Actor (Hanen / Kua / Hunden)
Before the Bell (Brageteatret) January 22, 2010 Actor
Hvite hester - Rosmersholm (Ibsen Theatre) 2008 Actor (Johannes Rosmer)
Romeo and Juliet (The Arctic Theatre) September 11, 2007 Actor (Benvolio)
Ugras (Hedmark Theatre) January 12, 2007 Actor
Hva skjedde femte mai* (What Happened the Fifth of May) (Pharos Productions) 2007 Actor
Death of a Salesman (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)) September 9, 2005 Actor (Happy)