Mari Meen Halsøy

Mari Meen Halsøy is an artist.

Mari Meen Halsøy took part in planning the concept and was also responsible for the photography and stage design of the production Norma Jeane (2009).

Her sole proprietorship was established in 2008.


(Objekt ID 7706)
Object type Person
Born January 1, 1978
Functions Artist, Photographer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Website Mari Meen Halsøy
Involved in productions (2)
Title Premiere Role
A perfectly safe hide-out (Siljeholm/ChristophersenMari Meen Halsøy) October 1, 2011 Visual design, Concept/Idea
Norma Jeane () March 10, 2009 Concept/Idea, Stage design, Photo