Sissel Merete Bjørkli

Sissel M. Bjørkli (born 1976) is a creative and performing dance artist. Bjørkli has contributed to productions in Norway and other European countries, and has worked with choreographers such as Henriette Pedersen and Erna Omarsdottir (Iceland). She is one of the driving forces behind the performance company L.U.N.


(Objekt ID 746)
Object type Person
Born 1976
Functions Dancer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Oslo, Norway

1996-1999: Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Involved in productions (10)
Title Premiere Role
Codename: Sailor V () March 15, 2014 Performer, Main producer, Choreography
Near. Far. Wherever you are. (The Line) April 12, 2013 Co-creator, Performer
Dark Night of the Soul (Katrine Bølstad Kompani) February 29, 2008 Performer
Hamburger Allee (Nartmanstiftelsen) September 7, 2006 Dancer
Electric Birds (Katrine Bølstad Kompani) March 8, 2006 Dancer (Stesøsteren / Farens nye kjæreste)
Krets (Kreutzerkompani) March 10, 2005 Dancer
Small Stick Big Bird (Nartmanstiftelsen) October 16, 2004 Dancer
Z, I love you honey bunny (Wee) 2004 Dancer
Blind Desire () May 27, 2002 Performer
Blank (Hermes Teater) March 23, 2002 Direction, Choreography, Performer