Lina Hallem


(Objekt ID 68613)
Object type Person
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Involved in productions (15)
Title Premiere Role
I vårt sted (The National Theatre) October 20, 2023 Stage manager
The Look (Susie Wang) April 29, 2022 Stage manager
En julenattsdrøm (The National Theatre) Navember 13, 2021 Stage manager
Jordopphimlesang (The National Theatre) May 20, 2021 Stage manager
Reform 97 (The National Theatre) May 15, 2021 Stage manager
Linda Vista (The National Theatre) Navember 21, 2020 Stage manager
Kondolerer og gratulerer (The National TheatreFeelgood Scene) September 11, 2020 Stage manager
Det blåser sterkt fra endeløse sletter (The National Theatre) May 20, 2020 Stage manager
Me Near (The National Theatre) March 2, 2019 Stage manager
Vi må snakke om Faust* (We need to talk about Faust) (The National Theatre) January 26, 2019 Stage manager
Rock'n Roll Wolf (The National Theatre) October 20, 2018 Stage manager
Barnas Teater (The National Theatre) June 9, 2018 Stage manager
Angels in America (The National Theatre) March 10, 2018 Stage manager
As You Like It (The National Theatre) April 5, 2017 Stage manager
Romeo and Juliet (Trøndelag Theatre) September 4, 2010 Extra