Tony Totino

Also known as: Anthony Hardy Totino

Tony Totino (Anthony Hardy Totino) was a member of Keith Johnston’s theatre company The Loose Moose in Calgary, Canada from 1978 to 1990. During this time he worked as an instructor and teacher in addition to being one of the company’s leading performers. He has performed and taught improvised comedy all over the world, from Australia to Finland, and he has won the world championship in theatre sports five times. Tony Totino moved to Norway in 1990 and since then he has worked teaching improvised comedy in addition to being an instructor and director for theatres and TV.


Grann Hotel,, 23.09.2010:


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Object type Person
Also known as Anthony Hardy Totino
Born July 19, 1955
Functions Director, Instructor, Actor
Nationality Canadian
Gender Male
Adresse Oslo, Norway
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