Lene Stenseth

Lene Stenseth was educated at Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, London and The Amsterdam School of the Arts. After graduating Lene Stenseth has worked as a dancer for choreographers such as Martin Butler, Paul Selwyn Norto, Karin Post, Michael Schumacher, Lise Eger, Kompani Iro and Molitrix Scenekunst. Lene Stenseth has worked with Molitrix Scenekunst on a series of projects and productions since 2008. Lene Stenseth also works on her own projects as a choreographer and dancer.


(Objekt ID 6436)
Object type Person
Born January 24, 1973
Functions Choreographer, Dancer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Member of The Union of Norwegian Dance Artists/NoDa
Email lenesten@hotmail.com
Adresse Anna Sethnes gate 4A, 0474 Oslo, Norway

2004-2007: Bachelor in aesthetics at The University of Oslo

2000–2001: Oslo Photo Art School.

1999–2000: Amsterdamse Akademie voor Fotografie.

1993–1997: Amsterdam School of the Arts. Line of modern theatre dance.

1992-1993: Laban Centre for Movement and Dance. 1 year BA.

Affiliations (1)
Involved in productions (5)
Title Premiere Role
Borders of behavior - suddenly closed (Molitrix Scenekunst) Navember 8, 2012 Dancer
RE-ACTION (Kompani iRo) October 30, 2011 Dancer
Points (Molitrix Scenekunst) May 27, 2009 Dancer
Skin-Less (Molitrix Scenekunst) October 3, 2008 Dancer
SKIN-inside out (Molitrix Scenekunst) 2008 Choreography, Dancer