Peter Cripps


(Objekt ID 6292)
Object type Person
Nationality British
Gender Male
Involved in productions (8)
Title Premiere Role
De lystige koner i Windsor (Thesbiteatret (The Thesbi Theatre)) June 28, 2012 Direction, Stage design
Stigen, kisten og byråkratene* (The Ladder, the Chest and the Bureaucrats) (Stigespillerne) 1998 Direction
Det spøker i Frydenlund* (Frydenlund is haunted) (Stigespillerne) 1997 Direction
Resten (Riss Dansekompani) 1991 Composer, Musician
Something to do with birds (Riss Dansekompani) May 28, 1990 Light
Suite i stjålen tid (Riss Dansekompani) June 16, 1989 Music, Text
The Beginning of The N (Riss Dansekompani) May 24, 1988 Text, Music, Stage design, Costume design
It's strange when you think about it (Riss Dansekompani) May 27, 1987 Stage design, Costume, Music