Ragnhild Gjems

Ragnhild Gjems is a craftswoman, puppetry maker and mask actress. Gjems has her education from Oslo College University, Theatre Faculty of Prague andNordland College of Art and Film. Gjems is also a member of the mask theatre company Mascara.


(Objekt ID 621)
Object type Person
Functions Puppet maker
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Email ra.gjems@online.no
Adresse Oslo, Norway

Ragnhild Gjems has made several puppets for Teater Joker, and collaborated with Teater NOR in the production Mass for Bad Weather. Ragnhild Gjems also exhibits wooden works as a craftswoman.


Triennale 08, http://www.triennale.no/2008/default.htm, 17.11.2010, http://www.triennale.no/2008/kunstner-11.htm


2006: Oslo College University, Bachelor in drama and theatre communication

2004: Theatre Faculty of Prague, Puppet Theatre for foreign students

1999: Nordland College of Art and Film

Involved in productions (8)
Title Premiere Role
Kjøleskapsmammaen (Unge Viken TeaterDet Andre Teatret AKA The Other Theatre) February 9, 2013 Puppetry Design
På do med Gro der skjer det no'* (In the Bathroom with Gro something happens) (Theatre Spillebrikkene) 2010 Mask design, Stage design, Puppetry Design
The toys strike back! (Theatre Isenkram) May 1, 2008 Puppet maker
A Hundred Rooms (Teater Joker) September 5, 2007 Mask design
Trillefolket* (The Rolling People) (Teater Joker) October 26, 2006 Puppet maker
Brothers (Teater Joker) August 30, 2004 Mask design
Onde Eventyr* (Evil Fairytales) (Teater NOR) January 28, 2000 Actor
Mass for Bad Weather (Teater NOR) June 5, 1998 Actor, Musician