Runar Hodne

Runar Hodne, born 1970, is a theatre and movie director.

Runar Hodne studied history of art, history of ideas and criminology at The University of Oslo. He completed his education as a director at The National Academy of Theatre in 2001.


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Object type Person
Born January 1, 1970
Functions Director, Theatre director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Runar Hodne received the Hedda Award 2001 in the best direction category for Jon Fosse's Someone is Going to Come, produced by The National Theatre of Norway. At the same theatre he staged Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea in 2004.

Runar Hodne has directed for other theatres as well, including directing Lars Norén's Blood at The National Venue of Theatre in Bergen in 2002.

He has directed and photographed several award-winning music videos and short films.

In 2007 he became part of the artistic management of The Torshov Theatre, where the productions he staged included Goethe's Faust. He also has directed for Rogaland Theatre, The Norwegian Theatre, for the theatres in Aarhus as well as Aalborg, The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen and Teatro della Limonaia in Florence. He also received two Reumert Awards for his production of Anna Karenina in Aalborg.

Runar Hodne was nominated for the Hedda Award 2013 in the best direction category for Death of a Salesman, Trøndelag Theatre.


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Direction, The National Academy of Theatre.

History of art, history of ideas and criminology at The University of Oslo.