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Ingrid Weme Nilsen

Ingrid Weme Nilsen is a Norwegian dramaturge and director, and leader for the independent theatre group Pontenegrinerne. For the time being, Nilsen works as a dramaturge at The Norwegian Theatre.

Lars Erik Holter, Ingrid Weme Nilsen and the ensemble won The Hedda Award 2020 in the best text for the stage category for their adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's The Wild DuckThe Norwegian Theatre (2020). The production was also nominated in the best production for youth category.


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Object type Person
Born Navember 30, 1978
Functions Director, Dramaturge
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female


English and Russian language, analysis, direction and dramaturgy.


The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Lars Erik Holter, Ingrid Weme Nilsen and the ensemble:

"A text for the stage can be so many things: The script by a playwright, a disposition for improvisation on a theme, or the adaptation of an already existing classic. The category is as wide as performing arts in itself.

The best texts for the stage liberate energy, force and playfulness in the venue, with the actors, during rehearsals and in the auditorium, during the performance. The best texts for the stage show us the world in a new was, while pointing out a direction for the artists.

The best text for the stage this year is such as work. It is, in its way, both a guideline for use and a work of art, while it is made in collaboration between the director, the dramaturge and the actors. They have moved into a classic while making it their own - and our."


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The Hedda Award, heddaprisen.no, 21.09.2020, https://www.heddaprisen.no/vinnere/2020


2005-2007 Master degree in Russian literature. Her thesis was called Provinsen i russisk dramatikk, en kronotopisk analyse av Vasilij Sigarevs Cërnoe moloko (The province in Russian drama, a chronotopic analysis of Vassily Sigarev's Black Milk).

1999-2005 Bachelor, consisting of Russian language (2003-2005), literature (2001-2003) and theatre science, University of Bergen (1999-2001).

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