Sofia Jupither

Sofia Jupither (born 1974) is a Swedish theatre director.

Sofia Jupither was born in Gothenburg, but grew up in Sollentuna outside of Stockholm. She chose the theatre direction at upper secondary school, and next she studied at Stockholm University. In 1996 she began working as a director's assistant, first at The Royal Dramatic Theatre and then for five years at Stockholm City Theatre, where she worked with directors as different as Lena Söderblom, Rikard Günther, Staffan Aspegren and Göran Stangertz. Sofia Jupither made her debut as a director in 2001, with the Scandinavian opening of Jon Fosse's Visits at Helsinki City Theatre.

Her first Stockholm production was also with Jon Fosse, now with The Girl on the Sofa at Stockholm City Theatre. After that the productions she has staged include The Road to Damascus by August Strindberg in a Stockholm City Theatre production at Strindberg's Intima Teater. In 2004 she staged Donald Margulies' Collected Stories. At The Royal Dramatic Theatre's Lejonkulan she has staged Igor Bauersima's, and she completed 2004 with the world wide premiere of Utan* (Without) by Ninna Tersman at Teater Giljotin.

For The National Theatre of Norway the plays she has staged include Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie (2007), Strindberg's A Dream Play (The Torshov Theatre 2008), Lars Saabye Christensen's Chet spiller ikke her* (Chet doesn't play here) (The Torshov Theatre 2009), Chekhov's The Seagull (2009), the first of the Comedy Lab productions, which was David Gieselmann's Mr. Kolpert (The Torshov Theatre 2010) and Roland Schimmelpfennig's The Flying Child (2013).

For Rogaland Theatre she has directed Ibsen's The Wild Duck (2006). She has also directed Ibsen's A Doll's House (The Royal Dramatic Theatre 2007), Ghosts (Stockholm City Theatre 2010) and Little Eyolf (The National Theatre 2014).

In 2013 she directed her first opera, Richard Strauss' Salome for The Royal Opera House in Stockholm.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Swedish title's literal meaning.


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Born March 21, 1974
Functions Director
Nationality Swedish
Gender Female

Sofia Jupither won The Hedda Award 2006 in the best direction category for Sleep, staged by The National Theatre in 2005 and based on the play by Jon Fosse.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"Nowadays, when the gender perspective is a controversial issue in Norwegian theatre, the jury is delighted to be able to nominate three women - three young women - in the best direction category. The winner has had a demanding, difficult assignment, but in collaboration with the actors and with great musicality she has found a quiet, precisely physical expression developing the playwright's intentions further. Her direction is tight, finely tuned and almost invisible, and excels with its sensitive rhythm and its distinctly feminine warmth.

The winner of the year is Sofia Jupither for the direction of Jon Fosse's Sleep."


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Affiliations (1)
Involved in productions (13)
Title Premiere Role
Hedda Gabler (The National TheatreThe Torshov Theatre) September 11, 2018 Direction
Little Eyolf (The National Theatre) September 9, 2014 Direction
The Flying Child (The National Theatre) January 11, 2013 Direction
Mr. Kolpert (The National TheatreThe Torshov Theatre) Navember 20, 2010 Direction
The Seagull (The National Theatre) Navember 21, 2009 Direction
Chet spiller ikke her* (Chet doesn't play here) (The National TheatreThe Torshov Theatre) September 2, 2009 Direction
A Dream Play (The National Theatre) August 30, 2008 Adapted by, Direction
The Glass Menagerie (The National Theatre) March 24, 2007 Direction, Adapted by
Vildanden (Rogaland Theatre) September 2, 2006 Direction, Adapted by
Sleep (The National Theatre) August 25, 2005 Direction
Flickan i soffan (Stockholm City Theatre AKA Stockholms Stadsteater) September 7, 2002 Direction
Episode (Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company) Direction
The Tiger of Sibiu (Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company) Direction
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