Randolf Walderhaug

Randolf Walderhaug is an actor with experience from Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre), The National Stage and Trøndelag Theatre, among other places.


(Objekt ID 5841)
Object type Person
Born July 21, 1958
Functions Instructor, Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Member of The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association/NAEA
Adresse Oslo, Norway

Randolf Walderhaug was educated at New York University, where he completed a three-year long Theatre Program in 1984.

For a long time he worked for The National Stage, where he played in Jeppe of the Hill (1987), Holberg's Ulysses from Ithaca (1990), Orestes (1991), The People of Hellemyr (1992) and Hamletmachine by Heiner Müller (1993). In 1991 he was Ernst Mensen in Ragnar Hovland's Gjest Baardsen døyr åleine ved Nilens bredd* (Gjest Baardsen dies alone at the banks of the Nile).

At Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre) he has played in Three Sisters (1994), in Rosmersholm (1997), Miss Julie (1998), Hedda Gabler (2001) and Nathan the Wise (2003).

In 2004 he visited Trøndelag Theatre where he took part in Terrorism by the Presnyakov brothers and People Annihilation - or My Liver is Senseless by Werner Schwab. He is an eager sportsman, he translates, and he has had several assignments as a director at Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre).

Randolf Walderhaug was nominated for The Hedda Award 2006 in the best supporting actor category for the role of Per Degn in Ludvig Holberg's Erasmus Montanus, produced by Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre).


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*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


1981-1984 BFA Acting, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University