Bjørn Skagestad

Bjørn Skagestad (born 1950) is a Norwegian actor.

His first theatre roles he had as a child (his father was Tormod Skagestad, who was a central director working for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division and for The Norwegian Theatre at the time). Bjørn Skagestad attended the drama study at the non-degree granting college of Romerike and was a trainee at Rogaland Theatre.

From 1969 to 1987 he was employed at The Norwegian Theatre, where his roles included Ferdinand in The Tempest (1970) and Julian in Emperor and Galilean (1987).

Bjørn Skagestad has been an employee of The National Theatre's since 1988.


(Objekt ID 5833)
Object type Person
Born September 5, 1950
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

At The National Theatre Bjørn Skagestad has interpreted, among much else, many of Ibsen's characters, Ejlert Lövborg in Hedda Gabler (1988 and 2010), Oswald in Ghosts (1988), Helmer in A Doll's House (1990), Erhard Borkman in John Gabriel Borkman (1991), Hjalmar Ekdal in The Wild Duck (1996), Johannes Rosmer in Rosmersholm (1998), Brack in Hedda Gabler (2002) and wholesaler Werle in The Wild Duck (2004).

He has had central parts in plays by Chekhov - Uncle Vanya in 1994, The Seagull in 1998 and The Cherry Orchard (2003).

In 1999 he was Faust opposite Monna Tandberg's Mephisto, he had the role of politician Paul Lange in Bjørnson's Paul Lange and Tora Parsberg (2000), and Gustav in Strindberg's Creditors in 2005. He had the role of the bishop in Fanny and Alexander (2009), and the title role in Galileo (2010).

Among his roles at other theatres are Georg von Trapp in Sound of Music (Edderkoppen 2008) and Anton Schindler in 33 Variations (The Norwegian Theatre 2012).

He has taken parts in several movies and TV series. He played Erlend in Liv Ullmann's filmatisation of Kristin Lavransdatter (1995) and had major parts in the TV series Western Wind (1994), At the King's Table (2005), Codename Hunter (2007),and Størst av alt* (Greatest of All) (2007).

Bjørn Skagestad was nominated for The Hedda Award 2006 in the best leading actor category for the role of Ray in Blackbird by David Harrower, produced by The National Theatre.

He received Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation'sradio theatre award Blå fugl (literally: Blue Bird) in 1991 and the Honorary Award of Per Aabel in 1998.

Bjørn Skagestad is son of the actor and artistic director Tormod Skagestad (1920-1997) and painter Karin Anna Jalm (born 1922).

A complete list of Bjørn Skagestad's roles at The National Theatre, can be found in the theatre's database. Skagestad has worked for the theatre from 1988, only with shorter leaves for the sake of roles in TV, movies or at other theatres.


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