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Morten Espeland

Morten Espeland (born January 19 1972) is a Norwegian actor.

Morten Espeland graduated from The National Academy of Theatre in 1998, and made his debut as Peter in The Diary of Anne Frank (directed by Olof Lindquist) at The National Stage. At the same theatre he was nominated for The Hedda Award in the category of excellent performance for his interpretation of the boy in The Hour of the Lynx while director Aleksander Mørk-Eidem was nominated in the category of best direction for the same production.

He has been employed at The Norwegian Theatre since 1999, and there he has interpreted a number of major roles, such as the boy in Beautiful (2001), the title role of Dustefjerten* (The Dork Fart) (2003), Medvedenko in The Seagull by Chekhov (2003) and Bramati in Tord Akerbæk's Bima and Bramati (2003), the ugly child in Peer Gynt (2005), the title role in Rambuku, (2006), Bidger in Verdas mest forelska par* (The Couple in the World Who is the Most in Love, 2006), and the spring of 2008 Cyril and Inocent in Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


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Object type Person
Born January 19, 1972
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Morten Espeland won The Hedda Award 2008 in the category of best supporting actor for the role of Peter Karpati (or the man in the cognac bottle) in Arabian Night by Roland Schimmelpfennig, directed by Jon Tombre, The Norwegian Theatre.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"Excellent ensemble acting all over, a number of strong actors' performances. But then there was one particular interpretation to remember, nearly becoming a symbol of the whole performance. And not a leading role, a supporting role, simply. So it is with the winner of the year, who with exuberant with and humour, an exquisite ability to convey his lines in pair with precise body language and live use of facial expressions, managed to break down the divide between imagination and reality, in a superior game with the theatrical illusion.

The best supporting actor award goes to Morten Espeland for the role of Peter Karpati - alias the man in the cognac bottle - in Arabian Night the autumn of 2007 at The Norwegian Theatre."


The Hedda Award

The Norwegian Theatre


The National Academy of Theatre 1995-97

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