Bjarni Haukur Thorsson

Also known as: Bjarni Haukuar Þórsson

Bjarni Haukur Thorsson, also spelled Bjarni Haukuar Þórsson, is an Icelandic director.


(Objekt ID 55972)
Object type Person
Also known as Bjarni Haukuar Þórsson
Functions Director
Nationality Icelandic
Gender Male
Affiliations (1)
Involved in productions (4)
Title Premiere Role
The Granddad (Aller LiveThorsson Productions) September 6, 2018 Script, Direction, Lighting design
A Man Called Ove (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)Thorsson Productions) Navember 10, 2016 Lighting design, Direction
Pappa (Thalia Teater AS) 2010 Direction, Script
Hulemannen (Thalia Teater AS) 2001 Direction
Artworks (1)
Title Premiere Role
The Granddad Script – Author