Nils Sletta

Nils Sletta (born April 3, 1943 in Telemark, dead November 26, 2020) was a Norwegian actor..

He received Norwegian Critics' Award for the role of Mattis in The Birds in 1997.

Many will also remember him for the role of the pig farmer Tor Neshov in The Berlin Poplars by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, a role that brought him the TV award Gullruten in 2008.

Sletta was the life partner of actress Grethe Ryen, and father of actor Tov Sletta and designer Ragnhild Sletta.


(Objekt ID 5520)
Object type Person
Born April 3, 1943 (dead Navember 26, 2020)
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Adresse Oslo, Norway