Kai Johnsen

Born25 Aug. 1962
FunctionsArtistic director, Director
Emailkai@dramatikkenshus.no, kaijohnsen1@gmail.com

About Kai Johnsen

Kai Johnsen (born 1962) is a Norwegian theatre director.

In 2010 Kai Johnsen was hired as the artistic director of the text department of then just established Dramatikkens Hus. He quit the position in 2012.

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Artworks by Kai Johnsen

  • Lise L. (2005, Script, Monologue) - Author

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  • Æddaprisen 2012
    Awarded prize in category Sesongens visjon(ær)
  • Æddaprisen 2012
    Nominated in category Sesongens teaterarbeider(e)
  • Æddaprisen 2012
    Nominated in category Sesongens visjon(ær)
  • The Hedda Award 2001
    Nominated in category Best direction

More about Kai Johnsen

Kai Johnsen made his mark already as a student in direction at The National Academy of Theatre with the project Øya* (The Island), performed in an island in the Oslo Fiord in 1987, in which he collaborated with the playwright Cecilie Løveid and the visual artist Inghild Karlsen.

Among the productions he has directed are Thomas Brasch's Mercedes at The National Stage in 1989, distinctly minimalist, and a very visual When We Dead Awaken (Ibsen) for Rogaland Theatre in 1990, during with he gave the actors sculptural functions in addition to the acting.

Kai Johnsen has eventually become known for his long-term, fruitful collaboration with Fosse. He directed he Name for The National Stage in 1995, and Beautiful and Rambuku for The Norwegian Theatre in 2001 and 2006 respectively. For Beautiful he was nominated to The Hedda Award 2001 in the best direction category.

He has had steady employment as a director at Rogaland Theatre, The National Stage and The Norwegian Theatre, and worked as a performing arts consultant for Arts Council Norway (2003-2005). From 2005 to 2010 he worked as a dramaturge and artistic consultant for The Norwegian Theatre.


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*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Artworks by Kai Johnsen

  • Lise L. (2005, Script, Monologue) - Author