Kåre Conradi

Kåre Conradi (born 1972) is a Norwegian actor. He started working for The National Theatre directly after his education at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 1995, with his first assignment at the main stage against Espen Skjønberg in Nathan the Wise by Lessing. After two years of varied assignments (including Skylight, Erasmus Montanus, Paul Lange and Tora Parsberg, Journey to the Christmas Star), Conradi went to Trøndelag Theatre, where he played the role of Tony in West Side Story. Next followed Tom in The Glass Menagerie and Zolen in Bør Børson Jr.

Kåre Conradi received The Hedda Award 2016 in the best leading actor category for the title role in Richard III (The National Theatre 2016).


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Born January 11, 1972
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Website Kåre Conradi

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award for Conradi in 2016:

"This year's winner has a multifaceted talent. He has performed assignments within musical theatre, contemporary drama and classic works, and he has proven that he masters the entire range of genres. The role he now receives the award for belongs to the classics. The award winner expands the understanding for a character that many spectators have likely thought they already knew. With nuanced presence, he shows the complex motivations behind the words. Wisely, he provides insight into human development, and into the complex influence and significance of power mechanisms, in what is one of the mightiest manipulator roles in world drama."

Conradi was among the artistic directors for The Torshov Theatre 2000-2003.

Conradi was given Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division's honorary award Blå Fugl in 2007 for the role of Falk in Henrik Ibsen's Love's Comedy.


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1992 - 1995: Oslo National Academy of the Arts

LAMDA, (London Academy Of Dramatic Arts)

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Conradi vs. Lindheim Script – Author