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Preben Hodneland

Preben Hodneland is a Norwegian actor. Hodneland made his debut in Waffle Hearts at The National Stage the autumn of 2014.

In 2018, he won The Hedda Award in the best supporting actor category for the role of Elder McKinley in The Book of Mormon, The Norwegian Theatre in collaboration with Kilden Theatre.

Preben Hodneland won The Hedda Award 2020 in the best leading actor category for the title role in Raskolnikov, The Norwegian Theatre and Det Vestnorske Teateret (2019). He, the artistic team, and the rest of the ensemble, were also nominated for Norwegian Critics' Award for Theatre 2019/2020 for their work on the production.

He was awarded The Hedda Award 2021/2022 for best supporting male actor, for the role of “An I / another I” in Time for Pleasure by Arne Lygre, The Norwegian Theatre.


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Object type Person
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for award to Preben Hodneland in 2018:

"A supporting role can be decisive for the whole of a production. It can expand the picture and create contrasts to its main features. Such a role often affects the flow and the rhythm of the performance. It can make moods shift, and it can increase the understanding of the environment as well as the challenges the main characters meet. In the production for which the award is given, the award winner does all of this. The role he interprets is not big in size, but he has found room for diverse flourish and nuanced character depiction. He has combined merriment and solemnity at a swishing fast pace, and his entertainer talent reaches full score. He also sings and dances, and this with great confidence.

This year, the best supporting actor award goes to Preben Hodneland for The Book of Mormon."

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Preben Hodneland in 2020:

"When this year's winner contributes to presenting his relevant character and the text with scary topicality, it is because he lets doubt and faiths literally whip the self-deception and self-recognition until he draws blood.

Fever-heated and never resting, not even when he sleeps, he is perfect in the realisation of what seems as much a marathon as a nightmare. In the character's maniacal flight from himself and the thought of his own actions, euphoria and bottomless despair make up the extremities of the palette. Between these, the winner balances the text with intense physical activity, in a visual frame in which not a drop of sweat, not a twitch or a burst blood vessel can be hidden for the spectator. The camera lens is as claustrophobic and ruthless as the void the character stares into, masterfully interpreted by an actor who grabs hold of the challenge with great courage."

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Preben Hodneland in 2021/2022: 

“The award for the best male supporting actor goes to a performer in one of this year’s best productions. The scene in which the awardwinner makes his entrance has been, for some of us, one of the season’s most powerful and finest moments of theatre. With no apparent effort the actor appears, gently dancing, singing and talking to himself in a way that lifts this already cast-strong production to new heights.

His performance is playful, elegant, at times strange, sad and melancholic – but first and foremost baroque, articulated and charmingly seductive."


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Involved in productions (20)
Title Premiere Role
Einkvan (The Norwegian Theatre) April 25, 2024 Actor (Fyrste yngre mann)
Kristin Lavransdotter - Kransen (Del 1) / Husfrue (Del 2) / Korset (Del 3) (The Norwegian Theatre) September 10, 2022 Actor (Erlend)
Time for pleasure (The Norwegian Theatre) January 29, 2022 Actor (Eit eg / Eit anna eg)
My friend an alien (The Norwegian Theatre) October 16, 2021 Actor (Roy)
Vestland Lockdown (The National Stage) June 4, 2020 Performer
Brand (The National Stage) April 25, 2020 Actor (Brand)
Hunger (The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)) January 9, 2020 Actor
Raskolnikov (The Norwegian TheatreDet Vestnorske Teateret) August 17, 2019 Actor (Raskolnikov)
Oslo (The Norwegian Theatre) January 11, 2019 Actor (Terje Rød-Larsen)
Macbeth (The Norwegian Theatre) September 1, 2018 Actor (Macbeth, jarl av Glamis, general i kong Duncans hær)
History of Violence (The Norwegian Theatre) December 13, 2017 Actor
The Book of Mormon (The Norwegian Theatre) September 2, 2017 Actor (Eldste McKinley - alternerte med Jonas Fuglevik Urstad)
Peer Gynt (The Peer Gynt Festival) August 4, 2017 Actor (Begriffenfeldt / Mads Moen)
Hamlet (The National Stage) February 4, 2017 Actor (Hamlet)
Romeo and Juliet (The Norwegian Theatre) March 5, 2016 Actor (Mercutio)
The Drunks (The Norwegian Theatre) October 8, 2015 Actor (overtok rollen - Rudolf, kommunikasjonsrådgjevar)
Scorched (The National Stage) September 12, 2015 Actor (Somin)
Leonce og Lena (Trøndelag Theatre) April 24, 2015 Actor (Kong Peter)
Waffle Hearts (The National StageTeater Vestland) October 10, 2014 Actor (Trille)
Hans og Grete (Teaterhøgskolen) June 19, 2013 Actor (Randi og Flinky)