Walter Felsenstein

Walter Felsenstein (30 May 1901 – 8 October 1975) was an Austrian theater and opera director.


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Born May 30, 1901 (dead October 8, 1975)
Functions Translator, Director, Actor
Nationality Austrian
Gender Male
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He was one of the most important exponents of textual accuracy, productions in which dramatic and musical values were exquisitely researched and balanced. His most famous students were Götz Friedrich and Harry Kupfer both of whom went on to have important careers developing Felsenstein's work. Opera director Siegfried Schoenbohm was one of his assistants.


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Involved in productions (2)
Title Premiere Role
Hary Janos (The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet) April 7, 1975 Adapted by
Hoffmanns Eventyr (The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet) September 9, 1974 Adapted by