Heinrich von Kleist


(Objekt ID 45546)
Object type Person
Born 1777 (dead 1811)
Nationality German
Gender Male
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
The Broken Jug (The Norwegian Theatre) January 24, 2019 Playwright
Amasonedronningen (Rogaland Theatre) Navember 2, 1996 Playwright
The Broken Jug (Ibsen Theatre) 1982 Playwright
The Broken Jug (Nordland Theatre) January 14, 1980 Playwright
Hestehandel (Rogaland Theatre) 1976 Author
Kätchen af Heilbrunn (Christiania Theatre) March 26, 1868 Playwright
Title Premiere Role
Hestehandel Script – Author
Kätchen af Heilbrunn 1810, Script – Author
Amasonedronningen 1808, Script, Drama – Author
The Broken Jug 1806, Script, Comedy – Author