Trond Reinholdtsen

Also known as: Trond Olav Reinholdtsen

Trond Olav Reinholdtsen (born 1972) is educated as a singer and composer from Norwegian Academy of Music. He is regarded as one of the most important and most innovative contemporary music composers in his generation.

He has established his own opera, for which he is also the CEO; The Norwegian Opra (sic).


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Also known as Trond Olav Reinholdtsen
Born Navember 7, 1972
Functions Composer, Singer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Reinholdtsen’s first pieces were modernist complex works in German style. "Psalm (Narrative Studies)" for sinfonietta may be best known. It was recorded on the CD "Faces" (Albedo 2000), in which also works of other composers are represented.

Trond Olav Reinholdtsen’s music has developed in extreme performative directions; within the pure music non-musical expressions are mixed, such as essayist lectures, live camera film and elements such as statistical facts, faces mimicking grimaces etc. Another trademark is ending the composition with "the composer’s speech to the audience"; the speech may be performed live on screen, through recordings, often announced with mid-size drums, preferably in Norwegian, but also in German or English if the works are performed abroad.

Reinholdtsen has written for the central contemporary music ensembles in Norway and his works for instrumental and vocal ensembles, plus computer and video works, have been performed at locations and festivals such as Ultima, Borealis, Huddersfield, Spitalfields in London, Deutschland Radio Kulturs Debut series in Berlin and in Freiburg.

With Lars Petter Hagen Reinholdtsen is artistic director for Happy Days Sound Festival.

Reinholdtsen was among the founders behind the journal Parergon in which he is still part of the editorial staff. Reinholdtsen also is a singer in the group Nordic Voices, in addition to being a critic and an essayist for a variety of journals, newspapers and radio.

Reinholdtsen was granted the Farten Valen grant in 2005.


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Educated as a singer and composer from Norwegian Academy of Music.

Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
PLAST-iiik! (Ingvild Holm) October 1, 2017 Consultant, Sound
Ø (Den Norske Opra) July 4, 2016 Concept/Idea
BIOS (Ossavy & Kolbenstvedt) October 24, 2013 Performer
12-Spartenhaus (Vegard Vinge/Ida Müller) May 4, 2013 Actor, Composition
John Gabriel Borkman (Vegard Vinge/Ida MüllerTrond Reinholdtsen) October 27, 2011 Actor, Direction
The Wild Duck - Part 2 (Vegard Vinge/Ida Müller) May 22, 2010 Sound design, Composition
Musical theatre, full-length performance (Black Box Teater) October 11, 2008 Video/Film
WORLDS BEYOND - a night of dance with Jiri Kylián - Underworld - Wings of Wax - 27´ 52´´ - Falling Angels - Creation - Finale fra Arcimbolo (The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet) May 24, 2008 Music
Reisen til Julestjernen (The National Theatre) Navember 10, 2007 Musician
Ghosts (Vegard Vinge/Ida Müller) September 15, 2007 Actor (Kammerherre Alving)
Fabrik (Wakka Wakka Productions) September 2007 Music
Extending the string from your neck (Ning) March 9, 2006 Composition
Ultima Conference () Other