Anders Brunvær Hauge

Anders Brunvær Hauge is a Norwegian musician, composer and music arranger.

Anders Brunvær Hauge, Reidar Andreas Richardsen and Haakon Espeland were nominated for The Hedda Award 2018 in the best audiovisual category, for music, video design and lighting design respectively, for The Great Dictator, Rogaland Theatre, produced in 2017.


(Objekt ID 45165)
Object type Person
Functions Composer, Musician


The Hedda Award,, 18.06.2018,

Involved in productions (15)
Title Premiere Role
Oljå - en musikal (Haugesund Theatre) September 29, 2022 Composer, Musician
Rekviem (Rogaland Theatre) September 8, 2021 Composer, Musician
Høna, egget og reven (The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)) February 25, 2021 Sound design, Music, Musical direction
Tønes (Rogaland Theatre) January 29, 2020 Musical direction
Cabaret (Rogaland Theatre) February 6, 2019 Musical arrangement, Musical direction
Jorden rundt på 80 dager () May 29, 2018 Musical direction
Tartuffe (Rogaland Theatre) February 7, 2018 Musical arrangement
The Great Dictator (Rogaland Theatre) Navember 15, 2017 Music
Growth of the Soil - Revisited (Rogaland Theatre) September 10, 2016 Music, Sound design
Doktor Proktors Tidsbadekar (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)) February 4, 2016 Musician, Composer, Musical arrangement
Shockheaded Peter (Rogaland Theatre) August 28, 2015 Répétiteur, Musical direction, Répétiteur
La den rette komme inn (Rogaland Theatre) January 24, 2015 Music
Våryr* (Spring Eager) (Rogaland Theatre) April 8, 2014 Musical direction, Musician
The Black Rider (Rogaland Theatre) January 25, 2014 Répétiteur, Musical direction
Revansj! - MODS musikalen (Kvammen og Særgrov produksjoner AS, Stavanger) September 26, 2012 Musical arrangement, Musical direction