Sigvard Emil Gundersen


(Objekt ID 44067)
Object type Person
Born Navember 8, 1842 (dead Navember 23, 1903)
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Involved in productions (19)
Title Premiere Role
Kjærlighedens Komedie (Christiania Theatre) April 4, 1893 Actor (Guldstad)
Bygmester Solness (Christiania Theatre) March 8, 1893 Actor (Doktor Herdal)
Peer Gynt (Christiania Theatre) March 9, 1892 Actor (Bonden på Hægstad)
The Lady from the Sea (Christiania Theatre) February 11, 1889 Actor (Doktor Wangel)
Vildanden (Christiania Theatre) January 11, 1885 Actor (Grosserer Werle)
Badet i Dieppe, eller: Bagtalelse (Christiania Theatre) January 9, 1884 Actor (Raymond, Minister)
An Enemy of the People (Christiania Theatre) January 13, 1883 Actor (Peter Stockmann)
Samfundets Støtter (Christiania Theatre) March 7, 1879 Actor (Konsul Bernick)
Peer Gynt (Christiania Theatre) February 24, 1876 Actor (En norsk skipper)
Kongs-Emnerne (Christiania Theatre) September 1, 1873 Actor (Håkon Håkonssønn)
Familien Riquebourg (Christiania Theatre) April 29, 1870 Actor (Frederik, Riquebourgs Søstersøn)
Damernes Fee (Christiania Theatre) Navember 9, 1869 Actor (Tristan, Grevens Søn)
The League of Youth (Christiania Theatre) October 18, 1869 Actor (Kammerherre Brattsberg (1876) / Doktor Fjeldbo (1869-1870, 1874-1875))
Badet i Dieppe, eller: Bagtalelse (Christiania Theatre) September 22, 1869 Actor (Lucien de Villefarnche, Deputeret)
Kongs-Emnerne (Christiania Theatre) January 17, 1864 Actor (Håkon Håkonssøn)
Statsmand og Borger (Christiania Theatre) June 1, 1863 Actor (Benvoglio, Hofmand)
Familien Riquebourg (Christiania Theatre) Navember 7, 1862 Actor (Frederik, Riquebourgs Søstersøn)
The Vikings at Helgeland (Christiania Theatre) April 11, 1861 Actor (Gunnar Herse (1867))
Gildet paa Solhoug (Christiania Theatre) March 13, 1856 Actor (Gudmund Alfsøn (1866))