Astrid Lindgren

Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren (born Ericsson) (born November 14th 1907, dead January 28th 2002) was a Swedish children’s book writer. Astrid Lindgren is most known for the books in the Pippi Longstocking-series, Emil of Lönneberga-series, Karlsson-on-the-Roof-series, The Brothers Lionheart, Ronia the Robber’s Daughter and The Six Bullerby Children (AKA The Children of Noisy Village), plus Lotta on Troublemaker Street. Astrid Lindgren also wrote Mio, my Mio (AKA Mio, My Son), Madicken, The Bill Bergson-series, Rasmus and the Vagabond and Seacrow Island among other books.


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Wikipedia,, 27.09.2010,

Title Premiere Role
Emil i Lønneberget Literature, children – Author
The Brothers Lionheart Script, Children and youth – Author
Rasmus and the Vagabond Script – Author
Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter Literature, children, Novel – Author
Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist Script – Author
Kjære søster Script – Author
Per Pusling Script, Children and youth – Author
Mio, My Son Literature, children – Author
Allerkjæreste søster 1949, Literature, Short story, children – Author
Pippi Longstocking 1945, Literature, , children, Fiction, Hero Comedy – Author
Karlsson on the Roof Literature, , children, Fiction – Author