Rune Pedersen


(Objekt ID 42305)
Object type Person
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Involved in productions (18)
Title Premiere Role
Nordens Paris* (Paris of the North) (The Arctic Theatre) January 25, 2018 Stage Manager
Tobias og dagen det smalt* (Tobias and the day of the bang) (Rimfrost ProductionsThe Arctic Theatre) Navember 23, 2017 Room
The Son (The Arctic Theatre) September 28, 2017 Stage Manager
Hansel and Gretel (The Arctic Theatre) April 27, 2017 Technician
Zapffe (The Arctic Theatre) June 18, 2016 Stage Manager
Vestregata (The Arctic Theatre) April 27, 2016 Technician
Peter Pan (The Arctic TheatreArctic Action) February 24, 2016 Stage Manager
2 x Ibsen (The Arctic Theatre) September 2, 2015 Stage Manager
The Wizard of Oz (The Arctic Theatre) February 25, 2015 Stage Manager
God of Carnage (The Arctic Theatre) Navember 20, 2014 Stage Manager
The Neverending Story (The Arctic Theatre) May 5, 2014 Technician
Amadeus (The Arctic Theatre) February 14, 2014 Stage Manager
NORDTING (Amund Sjølie Sveen) 2014 Stage Manager
Jeppe (The Arctic Theatre) September 10, 2013 Stage Manager
Krane's Café (The Arctic Theatre) April 24, 2013 Stage Manager
Pippi Longstocking (The Arctic Theatre) April 17, 2013 Technician
Les Misérables (The Arctic Theatre) September 6, 2012 Technician
Alexander den store* (Alexander the Great) (The Arctic TheatreUnDefined Dance & Production) April 19, 2012 Technician