Georg Thommesen


(Objekt ID 38087)
Object type Person
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
The Witch (The National Theatre) January 19, 1967 Actor (Anføreren for byvakten)
Journey to the Christmas Star (The National Theatre) December 26, 1966 Actor (Kongen)
The Bird Lovers (The National Theatre) Navember 10, 1966 Actor (Klinger, løytnant)
Mordet på Marat (The National Theatre) August 31, 1966 Actor (Pasient)
Brand (The National Theatre) March 31, 1966 Actor (Ung bonde)
One, Two, Three (The National Theatre) February 24, 1966 Actor (Dr. Faber)
The Heart of the King (The National Theatre) December 26, 1965 Actor (Ministeren)
John Gabriel Borkman (The National Theatre) April 22, 1965 Actor (Erhard Borman, student)
Saint Joan (The National Theatre) January 28, 1965 Actor (Berttrand de Poulengy - overtok rollen etter Breistrand)
The Animals in the Hunchback Wood (The National Theatre) December 26, 1964 Actor (Kråke-Per / Hunden Hannibal)
Elektra (The National Theatre) December 3, 1964 Actor (Pylades, Orestes´ venn)
The Wild Duck (The National Theatre) Navember 3, 1964 Actor (Kammerherre Kaspersen)
Romeo and Juliet (The National Theatre) September 30, 1964 Actor (Tybalt, Grevinne Capulets nevø)
Maria Stuart (The National Theatre) February 13, 1964 Actor (William Davidson, statssekretær)
Over Ævne II (The National Theatre) October 24, 1963 Actor (Hans Olsen)
Faust (The National Theatre) September 6, 1963 Actor (Gabriel)
Særlingen (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division) April 4, 1963 Actor (Shaybo, fange)
Herr Brotonneau (The National Theatre) January 4, 1963 Actor (Pichard, ung kontorist)
The Respectful Prostitute (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division) September 7, 1961 Actor
Østersen og perlen (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division) May 18, 1961 Actor (En bilmekaniker)