Sjur Miljeteig

Sjur Miljeteig is a Norwegian musician and composer.

Sjur Miljeteig received The Hedda Award 2016 in the best audiovisual design category for his music for Solaris corrected (The Norwegian Theatre 2015).

Miljeteig is married to actress Ane Dahl Torp. They have twice collaborated in creating theatre.


(Objekt ID 36534)
Object type Person
Functions Composer, Musician
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Miljeteig:

"The auditive and the visual can be said to be the two elements furthest from each other in a theatre production. This year's winner receives the award for a sound image uniting the two, indeed through creating visual images through the auditive. His futurist sound image creates tangible as well as abstract spaces onstage, spaces the actor can interact with and act on. Thus the music and the sound effects become, like the winner himself, an important fellow performer onstage."


The Hedda Award,, 12.06.2016,

Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
Solaris (The Norwegian Theatre) October 9, 2020 Composer
The Hulder (The Norwegian Theatre) May 1, 2020 Music
Solaris corrected (The Norwegian Theatre) April 20, 2020 Musician, Composer
Romeo and Juliet (The National TheatreThe Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)) August 17, 2019 Sound design, Composition, Musician
hello brother () 2019 Music
Ulf goes Religious part 1 (Ulf Nilseng) January 26, 2018 Co-creator, Performer
Peer Gynt (The Peer Gynt Festival) August 4, 2017 Musician, Composer
Be-longing (Ulf Nilseng) Navember 24, 2016 Composition, Musician
Underland (Pøbelkompaniet) September 2, 2016 Musician, Composition
Blå Matematikk (Harr & Hartberg) June 18, 2016 Musician
Solaris corrected (The Norwegian Theatre) October 16, 2015 Musician, Composer
Performance on Falling (Ulf Nilseng) February 12, 2015 Musician, Composition
The Hulder (The Norwegian Theatre) Navember 14, 2013 Musician, Music
Karavane (Stella Polaris) 1994 Musician