Erlend Sandem

Born29 Jul. 1977

About Erlend Sandem

Erlend Sandem (born July 29 1977) is a Norwegian playwright.

Among his works are Down the Sun (2006), Barcodes (2006), Zivil (2008), Sour Gravel (2009), Blowing Bubbles (2009), Tissue and L.I.A.B.

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    More about Erlend Sandem

    In 2006 Erlend Sandem won The Hedda Award in the debut of the year category.

    The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

    "The Hedda grant, or the debut of the year award, is given out for the fourth time this year, and for the second time it goes to a playwright. Different from the first award winner, Bjørnar Teigen, who was also an actor, this year's winner is simply just a playwright. A very promising one as such, as he already masters his craft and the difficult art of writing lines. Two of his plays have been produced during the past season, and the jury eagerly anticipates the next work from his hand.

    The award goes to Erlend Sandem for Down the Sun and Barcodes."


    Sceneweb on The Hedda Award,

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