Johan Henrik Wiers-Jenssen

Also known as: "Johe" Wiers-Jenssen

Johan Henrik "Johe" Wiers-Jenssen (30 April 1897 – 23 March 1951) was a Norwegian newspaper columnist and theatre director.

He was born in Kristiania as the son of Hans Wiers-Jenssen. Wiers-Jenssen was columnist for Aftenposten from 1917 to 1925, signing with the pseudonymes Johe and Gamin. He was manager for the cabaret Chat Noir in Oslo from 1926 to 1934, theatre director at the National Theatre from 1934 to 1935, and again manager for Chat Noir from 1935 to 1951. He issued the collection Gamins epistler in 1921. His book Hva jeg vet om kvinden ("What I Know About the Woman", 1932) consisted of 100 empty pages in nice leather binding. He died in March 1951 in New York City.


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Object type Person
Also known as "Johe" Wiers-Jenssen
Born April 30, 1897 (dead March 23, 1951)
Functions Journalist, Theatre director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
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