Stein Grieg Halvorsen

Also known as: Halvor Bernt Stein Grieg Halvorsen

Stein Grieg Halvorsen (born October 19 in Kristiania, dead November 11 2013 in Oslo) was a Norwegian actor. He was the son of the composer Johan Halvorsen (1864–1935) and Anna ("Annie") Grieg (1873–1957), a niece of the composer Edvard Grieg. He also was the father of composer and comedian Stein Johan ("Steinjo") Grieg Halvorsen.

Halvorsen worked for The National Theatre of Norway 1928–35, 1936–39 and 1945-1980, and for The National Stage 1935–36.


(Objekt ID 34965)
Object type Person
Also known as Halvor Bernt Stein Grieg Halvorsen
Born October 19, 1909 (dead Navember 11, 2013)
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Stein Grieg Halvorsen was named a Knight 1st Class of The Order of St. Olav in 1979, and he is also a Knight of Swedish The Royal Order of the Polar Star. He has also been rewarded The Norwegian Critics' Award, the grant of Aase Bye and the Gry statuette.

A complete list of Stein Grieg Halvorsen's roles at The National Theatre can be found in The National Theatre's performance database.


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